About Rekab



The artist brushes line, REKAB artist brushes, was established in 1914 in London, England, by Mr. Percy P. Baker, one of the best artist brush experts and producers of all times.

On 1979 the factory was moved to Israel and since then is located in Ma'alot and producing artist brushes. The factory continues the production tradition of Percy P. Baker: production of high quality handmade soft hair artist brushes.

The paintbrushes' hair is mostly natural and the design is completely handmade.

The natural hair and the handmade work are the symbol of our quality and put our artist brushes in the frontline among the worlds' leading companies in this field.

Our customers include famous art galleries, famous museums, ceramics and porcelain factories, different artists and the best of the art schools in Israel and over the world.

REKAB is internationally known as a trademark of top quality artist brushes.






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