The REKAB Brush Factory: Two Excited Artists Visit the World-class Brushmakers

We just got in the car and drove up there.


The Rekab Brush factory, world-class brush makers since 1914, sits in Ma'alot, at the northern top of Israel.


My fellow artist and good fried Lena came to draw with me in the studio. She is practicing water color techniques and I lent her my old Rekab 016 Sable-Ester brush.


By 'old' I really do mean old - I've had this brush for 24 years! And it's still amazing (I take good care of my brushes).


After trying it Lena wanted one of her own, but they turned out to be both pricey and hard to find in the less-central parts of Israel. When we looked to buy one online, we suddenly realized that the workshop that makes them is right here, an hour and a half away.


We called them to ask - where can we get your brushes?    READ MORE


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  Maalot Israel