About Kim Makeup Brushes


The KIM-professional make up brushes line is based on the knowledge and experience acquired throughout the years during our artist brushes   production, REKAB artist brushes. Our knowledge of almost 100 years of artist brushes production is invested today in our professional makeup brushes.

The brushes' hair is mostly a natural hair, and the brushes are all handmade design.

The design of the different brush heads is made by the best makeup artist in Israel and includes all makeup areas: eyes, face, lips and nails.

In the product catalogue you can find a wide variety of standard makeup brushes and also it is possible to produce brushes of self design with a logo or a name according to the customer request.

The natural hair and the handmade work are the symbol of our quality and put our makeup brushes in the frontline among the worlds' leading companies in this field.

Our customers include agents and distributors of international makeup companies and the best makeup artists and makeup schools in Israel and over the world.    






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