19/03/2015 E180 Bluring brush


 High quality synthtic hair bluring brush, use also for "shimmer".

19/03/2015 E 181 Angular concealer brush

An Angular high quality synthtic hair brush for Concealer.

19/03/2015 F267 special brush for liquid makeup

A special and aconomical brush for wet makeup. A drop of liquid makeup and the spreading is complete.

19/03/2015 Series 7001 for Oil colour

Series 7001 for Oil brushes from Red Sable hair.

Can get series 7002,7003 and 7004 for Flat, Bright, Filbert and Round brushes.

17/03/2015 Series 7050Super soft Bristle brush

Series 7050, Fan brush from Super soft Bristle hair for Oil and Acrilic colour and Farm painting.

Available also in Round, Flat, Bright and Filbert.

17/10/2014 "Du Concealer" brush.

Two brushes on one handle, one side a Concealer brush and other side Shedow brush.

Avallable also in the same system two brushes for Eyes, Lips and Makeup.




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